About Us

Meet our founder! Come learn why our founder, Kallyn, decided to start Sweet Beyond. Learn how swollen earlobes as a child encouraged her to start this blossoming company!


Meet our founder, Kallyn R. Kallyn has a deep love for jewelry that started at a very young age. She has always loved how wearing jewelry made her feel beautiful and empowered. She loves how you can change the look of an outfit simply by changing up the jewelry you wear with it. Kallyn would tend to purchase low quality jewelry just so she could own more pieces so she could change up her look more often.

However, Kallyn started to realize that her jewelry was causing her to react; she had very sensitive skin and the jewelry started to give her contact dermatitis and caused her pierced ears to get swollen and irritated and ended closing up, causing her to have to get her ears re-pierced. Once she made the connection that her jewelry was causing such an issue, she stopped wearing jewelry when she was a teenager. She didn’t trust when the jewelry she bought in stores were labeled “Sterling Silver” or “Hypoallergenic” because her skin would still react to the jewelry. Upon research, she found that most of the time the type of sterling silver used in store bought jewelry was not high quality, which is why she would still react to the jewelry.

In comes Sweet Beyond. Kallyn decided that she was tired of wasting her money trying to find jewelry that she could wear that wouldn’t break the bank and that she could trust, so she took the matter into her own hands and created Sweet Beyond. With Sweet Beyond you are getting high quality jewelry, at an affordable price. Our Sterling Silver is made from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver you can find, and a lot of our pieces are also Rhodium plated to further the life of the piece of jewelry and increase their hypoallergenic properties.

Since starting Sweet Beyond, Kallyn has met so many others that had a very similar story to hers; that a lot of jewelry made their skin react and their ears swell-up, so they stopped wearing jewelry. This made Kallyn’s passion for her business grow even stronger. She wants everyone to be able to wear jewelry without fear of reaction, which is why she strives to provide jewelry for everyone.