We Give Back

We hope that you can help us make a difference! Here at Sweet Beyond, we believe in giving back to causes that are near and dear to our hearts!

Annually, we donate a percentage of our profits to charity, so with each purchase that is made on our website, it helps us be able to reach our goal of giving back to each cause. We know that a percentage of our profits may be a drop in the bucket when it comes to some causes, but being able to donate what we can means the world to us, so we hope that with your help, we can help make a change, one penny at a time. 

We donate to charities that we know are reputable and align with what we believe in and stand for. With our founder being a Marine Corps Veteran, you can be sure that we donate to veteran and military oriented charities. With Kallyn being very into animal rescue herself, we absolutely donate to animal rescues whom we believe in. Our goal and focus with donations is to make sure that each and every dollar that we donate will make a difference, one way or another. We will also be donating to organizations who work to feed the hungry.